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Meet The Team!

First off – look in the mirror – because that awesome person looking back at you? They are the biggest, most important member of our team. Without such amazing cosplayers out there willing to work with us and and trust us to create a mutual vision that captures all of the hard work, blood, sweat, and most likely tears that has been created we wouldn’t be here at all. C. Wolfe Imaging Cosplay Edition couldn’t exist without each and every single person who we have met and formed a relationship with.

The Photographer: Christine

Professional dork, dog mom (okay there are cats too, but the dog photographs so much better), artist, collector of all things soft and fuzzy, a little bit light and a whole lot of dark.
Is that the right introduction?
I’ve been doing cosplay photography since the Summer/Fall of 2015. I fell into it by a wonderful accident and it’s been a ride ever sense.
I can honestly say I have learned so much since then, watched my own work evolve, created amazing relationships and opened doors that I would have never thought I could open.

If you had to ask me what my favorite thing about shooting cosplay – I will always 10000% always say – it’s watching cosplays come alive and capturing the details, beauty and story behind the costume and cosplayer.

Chaos Wrangler/Manager: Kristina

Often cosplaying little old ladies as rhplus Kristina is the extremely chatty “silent” member of the group. Behind the scenes Kristina helps organize schedules and communicate with clients. At Conventions Kristina does not carry the camera or edit the photos but makes sure Christine eats, stays hydrated, stays on time, and helps when things get stressful (I vote wine!). As an extroverted introvert and a cosplayer of many years Kristina loves to get reference photos ready for shoots, scout locations, hold reflectors, watch cosplayers bags while they are shooting, and be prepared to help with makeup or wig touch-ups. When Kristina is around be ready for all the hype and lots of candy!

Moral Support & Best Editing Buddy: Sydney Marie

She has no thumbs so it’s up to the humans to write the bio.
Best dog, champion cuddle partner, office buddy, and all around the brightest and best star out of this team.
But in all seriousness – Without Sydney none of the photographs would get edited. Seriously her ability to be deadweight between the back of my chair and the path out of my office is sometimes the best support system to continue editing when I get stuck.

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