Booking For Colossalcon 2023

Colossalcon 2023
C. Wolfe Imaging Cosplay Edition will be taking limited bookings for Thursday, June 1st - Saturday, Jun 3, 2023 We offer a variety of shoot packages to fit all needs - including boudoir. Session fees start at $75 based on a variety of factors. 50% deposit is due within 48 hours of booking. Your safety and health is our number one priority outside of providing the best photography services that we can. Our update COVID-19 and generalized health and safety practice is as follows: + Both photographer and assistant are 100% vaccinated and up to date on current boosters available. + Social Distancing is practiced while we are in close and indoor spaces. + We carry and will wear masks as necessary (to protect your personal bubble). + All equipment and personal devices, hands, clothing, etc is sanitized before and after each session. Our goals are for you to be comfortable, confident and completely at ease throughout your entire session with us from start to finish! With over 13 years of professional photography experience we bring both professionalism and tons of personality to every session. We look forward to working together to make that happen. 🙂 If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out! Contact Information: email: facebook messenger:
Tell us a little about yourself - Do you have another name you would like to be called? What are your preferred pronouns?
Is your cosplay name different than your name? How can we find you on social media?
We want to make sure we have a way to get ahold of you during the convention time just incase of an emergency, or to confirm meeting location, ect.
We like to be prepared as possible so we want to make sure we are giving you the best experience possible.
IMPORTANT POLICY AND NOTES: Groups larger than 4 are ENCOURAGED to select 45 minute sessions. While you are more than welcome to select a 30 minute session it is our experience that a 30 minutes is not a long enough session time for a wide variety of poses, potential location shifts, and maybe result in more standardized posing, settings, etc to help with the time limitation. *IMPORTANT!!* All boudoir participants must be 18 years of age or older. Proof of age will be required at the time of booking as well as at the time of your session.
30-Minute Non-Boudoir Sessions - Max of 5 members total/45-Minute Non-Boudoir Sessions - Max of 8 members total/ 30-Minute Boudoir Sessions - Max of 4 members total/ 45-Minute Boudoir Sessions - Max of 4 members total)
Important Booking Notes: *If you are booking multiple shoots please fill out a form for each shoot you would like to do. This will help us to keep everything organized properly. All bookings are first come - first serve.
All deposits must be sent no later than 48 hours after booking. All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. This also includes if you need to cancel your session prior to the start of the convention within the full-refund time period. This is not optional. If you fail to follow instructions regarding deposits your booking slot will be put back into the mix and opened up for others to book the slot instead. Instructions for payment will be sent in confirmation email once you have booked. Our payment methods and policies have changed this year.
**IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: By checking the boxes for each policy, notification, and reminder you understand that submitting a booking form is a binding contract that is to be upheld by both parties (the photographer and the client(s). If any of the above are broken by either party it is an immediate termination of services and appropriate actions to rectify the situation will be taken by either party before legal action is required.

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