Policies & Guidelines

All of that Important Information from a legal standpoint

Below are our policies, guidelines and all around important legal information that serves as a standard contract and understanding. As a client you are encouraged to read, understand, and acknowledge the below information. By booking with C. Wolfe Imaging Cosplay Edition you are held to all below information.

Special Notices and Policies:

Deposit Fees: A 50% of your session fee deposit due at the time of booking. The price of the deposit is subject to change but will never exceed more than 50% of the service package you book for. Deposits are required for all convention and non-convention bookings. Deposits are due no later than 48 hours after the time of booking unless otherwise discussed. The deposit will go towards to final cost of your shoot so don’t worry there will be no added charges on top of the package you choose at the time of booking. Deposits are non-refundable.

Cancellation Notice: If you cancel less than 7 business days prior to your session time you are still accountable and required to pay for your session fee IN FULL and your session slot will be added back as an available time for others to book. If you need to cancel within the acceptable cancellation window a refund will be issued MINUS your 50% non-refundable deposit..

*Please remember there are exceptions to every rule. I am not unfair or mean so please if you do need to cancel simply talk to me. We can work out rescheduling at another convention or simply outside of a convention. It’s all about communication.

Flash Sale Rules: Flash Sales may not be used to replace already existing bookings. If you cancel a session for a flash sale you will be charged BOTH fees of the convention price and the flash sale price.

Generalized Terms and Conditions:

By booking appointments and working with C. Wolfe Imaging Cosplay Edition you are agreeing to the following terms: (1) All images produced during sessions are subject to editing by photographer only. (2) All images produced are allowed to be used by photographer for promotion, merchandise sale (i.e. Red Bubble products), social media posting, album views on website and any other display deemed fit by photographer. (3) You are over the age of 18 or if you are not over the age of 18 you have provided a signed parental consent form or a parent or guardian is attending your shoot with you. (4) You understand that turn around time generally is up to 4 to 6 weeks after a shoot. This includes one on one shoots, special projects and so forth. **note any type of “asking” when your images will be done prior to this turn around time might cause longer delays because it’s just rude and inconsiderate to think your images are more important than anyone else’s.** (5) When final images are handed over via a digital file via google drive, flash drive and or other form of delivery discussed between parties involved you have permission to do the following with them only: (i) Post in digital format on any social media platform desired. *Note: When posting images credit must be given to photographer. This means tagging when posting. Watermarks are to remain intact. If Instagram cuts them off that is okay as long as you tag in the caption below. I understand not all platforms are image friendly some times. (ii) Images can only be printed in the form of being added to business cards. **Any other use of images MUST be discussed with photographer before use and then put into a signed contract between parties involved. This includes prints be them for personal use or sale of profit, or digital sale of any kind. (6) The understanding and agreement that no images can be altered, edited, re-touched or have the watermark removed without written permission from photographer by anyone other than the photographer. If you are unhappy with an edit alterations may be done.
** Please note that all images will come watermarked.*** This is standard practice as it allows others to know where the images came from.
** All images are copyrighted.
**Please Note Terms and Conditions and General Rules are subject to change as situations change **

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